Top 5 Learnings From Growth Hacking in 2018

Growth Hacking by name looks fresh & quite exciting but it has been around from the times of Hotmail where Sabeer Bhatia who added a line below the email stating – “PS – I Love you. Get your free email at Hotmail.” And with quite a few other brands like PayPal, Dropbox, WhatsApp, GooglePay and many others.

Here are my Top 5 Learnings from Growth Hacking in 2018:

  1. Money & Agencies aren’t the answers to your problem – they are just an helping hand. If you are expecting an agency to do magic and turn things around it won’t happen without you spending time on grooming them.

  2. Weekly Growth Meet Ups aligned to Business KPI’s need to happen with consistency and commitment. Make sure you pull in the key stakeholders as and when needed; VP - Product, Engineering & sometimes the CEO.

  3. Growth is all about Experimentative, Agile & a Data Driven Mindset, without that you are just doing Product Marketing. If you don’t do 1 Experiment a Week & eventually move to doing 1 a day you aren’t doing enough.

    Here are 3 amazing experiments which did wonders for us: (Both conceptualised and went live within a couple of days)

  4. You can’t do it alone, aligning all the teams and making all of them a part of the growth process is a must & that is what will show you real results. All teams would mean right from a Development, Sales, Product, Tech support, CSM to your Finance & HR Team.

  5. Product itself is your biggest Growth Hack – if you have the right market fit and have a unique offering which directly impacts KPI’s of a persona - in our case for Marketers & Product Managers; the product itself will hack its growth.

To find the right fit and offer something unique, especially for someone like us which is an Online & Enterprise SAAS it was important that we keep our eyes on the ever changing needs of Marketers & Product Managers.

2018 has been an exciting year with a lot of ups and downs & we are looking forward to make 2019 a bigger success using the Growth Mindset. Would love to hear your learnings & some interesting growth hacks that worked for you. 


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