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Top 5 Learnings From Growth Hacking in 2018

Growth Hacking by name looks fresh & quite exciting but it has been around from the times of Hotmail where Sabeer Bhatia who added a line below the email stating – “PS – I Love you. Get your free email at Hotmail.” And with quite a few other brands like PayPal, Dropbox, WhatsApp, GooglePay and many others. Here are my Top 5 Learnings from Growth Hacking in 2018: Money & Agencies aren’t the answers to your problem – they are just an helping hand. If you are expecting an agency to do magic and turn things around it won’t happen without you spending time on grooming them. Weekly Growth Meet Ups aligned to Business KPI’s need to happen with consistency and commitment. Make sure you pull in the key stakeholders as and when needed; VP - Product, Engineering & sometimes the CEO. Growth is all about Experimentative, Agile & a Data Driven Mindset , without that you are just doing Product Marketing. If you don’t do 1 Experiment a Week &