To Win Some, you need to loose some - Waugh brothers...

My next series of blogs is going to be from Prakash Iyer’s book - The Habit of Winning...!! mixed with some of my experience & humor... :)

With the IPL going on, I thought of relating it to Cricket...!!

To have your child play cricket for the country is a dream come true for most of the parents, to have your twins play for the country is way special. That's exactly how Mr and Mrs. Waugh felt.

Steve made his debut first in Australian cricket team. Parents looked forward to Mark joining him too.

Ashes team for the year was announced and Mark was selected. The Waugh family decided to party. While partying Mrs.Waugh asked Steve; "Son, who did the selectors drop to make way for Mark?"

Steve very calmly replied - "ME"

Phew! Life is like that, Good news comes with the bad. You win some. You loose some.

It reminds me of K.V.Kamat (Sir), the then head honcho of ICICI bank, as he addressed a gathering, he said "Work-Life balance is a nice ideal, but not something he would recommend to young high-performance managers"

You need to focus on work, slog, make an impact, sweat it out work harder to meet business goals...& life will take care of itself.

But, if u try and find the balance right at the start you would be a loser at work, not much joy in life either.

Want to climb the corporate ladder? Slog. Work long hours. Forget weekends. As success sets in, you can discover fancy holiday spots, golf course and your daughters dance debut.  Waugh brothers proved the same, after the famous debut of Mark, both brothers together went on to win lot of matches/World cups for Australia.

But imagine:

If their parents would have insisted on both starting together?

It’s like:
We want the best of appraisals AND leave when the clock strikes 6.00pm.
We want to loose weight AND we want to have 2 bowls of Gajar ka halwa. (Carrot desert)

Bottom Line:
To Win some, you need to Loose some. To get something, you have got to give up something.

You must be ready to pay a price.


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