India’s Budget – How it changes the Common Man’s life? (In Simple Words)

I am a common man who wakes up early in the morning goes to office – 10% of my travel is by road & 90% of it by the Mumbai Railways. Return back from the office late in the evening.

Weekends are a little more thrilling since they involve outings with friends and sometimes alcohol. :)

Now let’s see how the Budget is going to make a difference to the above story.

Additional 2% surcharge for super rich with income above Rs.1Crore.

Ahhh…you thought I earn that? Noooooo – I am just happy that Govt is taking more money from the rich brats. :)
Getting started on how it would make a difference right from the time I get up:

Hot Geyser water should now soon become possible every day in every house – renewable energy target by 2022: Solar, Wind, Biomass & Hydro.

70000Crore on Infrastructure - I am guessing this would help fill the potholes I today face while travelling on my bike.

Disappointing part is nothing changes where I spend 50% of my life – Mumbai Railways. Few things which will change are – more foot over-bridges, less smelly toilets & WIFI. Most importantly now my mom, sister and girlfriend can feel a little more – CCTV cameras in ladies compartment. 

On other important things like frequency and quality of trains they just said, “We will talk about it in the Future Sessions. This is as believable as when:
  • Your friend asks you to pay now saying he will pay you back later
  • Your Product head tells you we will take those changes up in the next version.
After the common man reaches office:
  1. More education centers - AIIMS, IIT’s & IIM’s across different states, that should help in more options while recruitment.
  2. Corporate Tax reduced to 25% over next 4years. Companies – This means reduced cost, would it also mean higher appraisals? :)
  3. Had a few Power cuts in corporate hubs in Mumbai recently, hope that gets curbed with: 5 Ultra Mega power projects (4000MW each)
Let’s see now how it’s going to make a difference post office & weekends
  1.  Centre of film production & animation in Arunachal Pradesh - Does this mean we can expect better movies? This might just become the best thing from the budget. :d
  2. Service tax increased from 12.36% to 14% - How sad is that? We will have to pay more at PopTates, United Café, other Sport bars & restaurants and every possible place where I give out money.
Other elements which aren’t directly impacting common man’s life but are important for us to know:
  1. 100% exemption on contribution to Swachch Bharat & 6Crore toilets project to be built across India.
  2. People can now earn interest from Gold they own – keep it in banks. Gujus, Marwadi’s, Koli & Agri’s – Are your hands itching? Its double Moolah time for you all….!!
  3. Good Steps taken on Agriculture – Rural infra (25000Crore), Micro Irrigation (5300Crore), Credits to farmers – 850000Crore
  4. Allocation of 2,46,726Crore to Defense. Ok Great….Tell us when you are getting back the area we lost to China in Tibet & eliminating Terrorists. On a serious note it’s a much needed investment.
  5. Housing for all in India by 2020 & Up-gradation of 80000 secondary schools.
So as per me this budget no doubt is a Break through budget & its done keeping in mind the Long term growth of the country and welfare of people. 

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  1. It's farsighted and undoubtedly better than the "muft muft muft" scheme of AAP ��


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