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Net Neutrality? I think we should first look at Human Neutrality

With what I see is happening in India in the last few weeks brought me close to reality and it angers me….!!! We all have been fighting for Net Neutrality, I think HUMAN Neutrality is a bigger problem we need to address in India. Law in India differs based on the stature & financial status of the person, can you believe it? You got to…coz that’s the truth.   A common man who is once in jail only comes out after he finishes his jail sentence, but on the contrary we have our celebrity – Sanjay Dutt who is caught for keeping weapons comes out when: He has a high fewer An Ant bites him really hard His wife faints and falls down Completing a few pending movies His kids 1 st day in college   Is this a Law or a joke? Is he criminal facing a sentence or a college boy staying in a hostel is a question which has no answer. Let’s take a much more recent and trending topic on Salman bhai….who is right now partying at his Panvel farmhouse for g