2 Colleagues Talking in Mumbai local - My BOSS (Part 2)

In continuation to my last blog where we got to hear some pleasant words from 2 people talking in a Mumbai local about their BOSSES, here we will talk a little about what needs to be changed and why.

If you ask my opinion, I feel both sides here need to be a taught a lesson and I am sure sooner or later the team and may be even the organization is going to be a big mess if things don't improve.

Ram and Varun need an attitude change, big time!

Everything what they are going through today is something which no book can teach them, and in the corporate world we call it "Experience". It gives you a lot to learn and the ones who want to learn and are focused; make the most of it and become a Modi or an Obama.  Guess what, a Modi is created working with the same Troublesome BOSS.

Why does this happen? 

The answer is nothing but people's Mindset which separates them from the crowd
A positive mind will always look at 1000 questions asked by his boss on smallest of things, as scope of improvement rather than demeaning that person’s capability.

Not looking at a delegation done to u as "Saab mai hi karu" (I Should only do everything) but as an opportunity for you to grow and climb the ladder faster. 

An average appraisal as a feedback that their is much better that you can do instead of showering some beautiful words to your BOSS and bitching about it to others.

So the growth of a person doesn’t depend on anyone.  NOT his BOSS, NOT his Organization, NOT his Colleagues but its only that person and his ATTITUDE towards life which make or break his career. The ones blaming others for their limited growth are soar LOSERS.

Let's look at the flip side, the boss here is so living up to the actual connotation of the word "BOSS".

His Mindset needs to change, it CANNOT be:

- My way or Highway
- Cunningly diplomatic 
- Uncaring and Ruthless

Just being termed a Boss by the management doesn't really make you one my friend. You need to INSPIRE your team and others, is when you would be respected and heard by your team and people.

If you INSPIRE someone, you don't have to make him wait, if work demands he will himself wait back till 4am in the morning and still be charged up to work again at 7am the next day.

You would see efficiency of the team reaching sky high, coz their Team Lead is inspiring and we humans love to work for someone who inspires us.

It isn't so easy to inspire someone, bohot papad baailnai padtehai !! (You have to put in a lot of efforts) To inspire someone you yourself need to be disciplined, best at your work, punctual, organized and most importantly a person who respects others feelings and cares for others.

Genuinely CARING for people will always help you build a strong, united, happy, energetic and an everlasting team.  For me my team is my 2nd family and I Love them all and rigorously work towards every individual’s growth.

Once you inspire people, they would have faith in you as a leader and start loving their work and we all know things we end up doing for something we Love, there is no boundary to it. :)

A caring BOSS helps remove all the communication barriers and sets that as a culture amongst the team. Everyone can speak their heart out and when these channels are smooth there is nothing that is going to trouble your team coz you are so well interconnected.

My last message to Ram, Varun and their BOSSES in-case you happen to land up on my write up:

“Change in attitude is tough to bring in but not "I-M-POSSIBLE", make a sincere effort and I am sure you would start loving your work too.”


  1. totally agree with you...it's the attitude change that is needed from both the parties!


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