2 Colleagues Talking in Mumbai local - My BOSS (Part 1)

Note – The language and the Hindi transcript is used to describe the exact conversation, with no intent of offense to anyone.

"Sala Harami hai mera boss, hamesha mai nikalne wala rehetahu taab aake kaam detahai" (My Boss is a Rascal, always gives me work when I am about to leave office.)

That's how the conversation started and I knew that this discussion is going to be an interesting one. Nicely adjusted my seat next to them, pretended as if I was doing my work but I was all ears. 

I don't know their names, but for convenience sake let's call them Ram & Varun.

Now the other person (Varun) puts across a point saying - "My idiot boss calls me early in the morning every day and if I am late by 5mins – it’s counted as a half day"

Ram says, "He just doesn't seem to understand that I have a social life, I don't understand, hamesha 8pm ko kaam kaise atta hai sale ka?" (How does work happen to come at 8pm every day?)

He delegates work at 8pm and says "Arey tu karde, hojayega re" (You do it, it will get over.)

On the other side I could see Varun getting impatient to start backbiting about his Boss.

Varun starts off - "I proposed a solution for a client requirement, he asked 1000 unnecessary questions on that solution. Aisa baat kaarta hai jaise ki usne kharidliya hai mereko.” (Talks as if has bought me)

"Sale Kamine tera knowledge level 1%, usmai itne question." (Your knowledge level is 1% and still so many questions.)

Ram says - "I think we should raise our voice or we would always be treated like dogs. These people take us for granted, since we listen to them quietly. Kaal waat lagyenge donoki. (Let's take their case tomorrow)

Finally the conversation ended by asking each other on the time to reach office tomorrow. Varun answered "Anyways they make us wait after working hours, so we might as well go late." & both of them laughed out loud and got off the train; giving each other the feeling of content by agreeing to what they had discussed.

Are they fools or were they right? Express your opinion, would want to hear from all of you. I will share mine in my upcoming posts. Stay tuned to find out if the Boss is a rogue or those 2colleagues are the devils.


  1. This is quite cobfusing question. At some point employees are right, their boses keep critisizing them in terms of work....
    But on the other side we can also think from boss perspective, he also has some timeline some responsisbilies.
    So there no end for this debate...

  2. This is one of those "yet - to - be - answered" questions of the Universe.
    However, coming to the cases of the two mentioned in this post, you can never be sure as to who is the Rogue & who is the Devil, depends on the situation.

    If we take the case of Mr Varun being late for work, it depends on the Office Policy. If they have rules that you need to reach work by a certain time, then you have to since you have signed up for it & you're getting paid for it. The boss isn't answerable in such a case.
    And with regards to the Boss asking a "1000" questions, it just shows that the boss is actually interested in his solution & him asking questions is because he sees it from a 360 degree view rather than just one way. He needs to ensure there are no loop holes.

    Taking Mr Ram's case, He has no obligations to wait after 8pm. If the work is urgent he can always work from home or complete the work tomorrow. But if his Boss has a problem with that then his Boss is a "Rogue" if not, then Mr Ram is being a suck up by waiting & completing the work.

    Basically I guess there are no Rogues or Fools, it's just a matter of perspective.


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