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Finally a new Governance - Mr.Modi: 10 Things expected by the Mango people of India

So happy that the Gandhi family is no more ruling this country. Thanks to the Marketing agency and Mr.Rajesh Jain who ran their entire Digital and Offline campaign. So so so happy that Mr.Modi has won, which now means: Faster growth of people/country Improved literacy rate  Increasing job opportunities (Already a mobile app launched by Modi) Water to drink and not to swim or walk in No potholes on the road Reducing petrol prices Commutation for the Mango people to be easier (More and better Mumbai locals)  Value of Currency to Stabilize Improved Balanced Sheet for India (Reduction of finished good imports an ) Faster GDP growth Most importantly a much BETTER LIFE for the people of India. Its time for Mr.Modi to prove it and I am confident that he would. All the best Mr.Modi. Interesting part to look at would be, in the governance of Narendra Modi; would the mindset of people change, who today plan to settle aboard stating the life is better outside.........would

2 Colleagues Talking in Mumbai local - My BOSS (Part 2)

In continuation to my last blog where we got to hear some pleasant words from 2 people talking in a Mumbai local about their BOSSES, here we will talk a little about what needs to be changed and why. [Please read the Part 1 of this blog before moving ahead] If you ask my opinion, I feel both sides here need to be a taught a lesson and I am sure sooner or later the team and may be even the organization is going to be a big mess if things don't improve. Ram and Varun need an attitude change, big time! Everything what they are going through today is something which no book can teach them, and in the corporate world we call it " Experience ". It gives you a lot to learn and the ones who want to learn and are focused; make the most of it and become a Modi or an Obama.  Guess what, a Modi is created working with the same Troublesome BOSS. Why does this happen?  The answer is nothing but people's Mindset which separates them from the crowd A positi

2 Colleagues Talking in Mumbai local - My BOSS (Part 1)

Note – The language and the Hindi transcript is used to describe the exact conversation, with no intent of offense to anyone. " Sala Harami hai mera boss, hamesha mai nikalne wala rehetahu taab aake kaam detahai " (My Boss is a Rascal, always gives me work when I am about to leave office.) That's how the conversation started and I knew that this discussion is going to be an interesting one. Nicely adjusted my seat next to them, pretended as if I was doing my work but I was all ears.   I don't know their names, but for convenience sake let's call them Ram & Varun. Now the other person (Varun) puts across a point saying - " My idiot boss calls me early in the morning every day and if I am late by 5mins – it’s counted as a half day " Ram says, " He just doesn't seem to understand that I have a social life, I don't understand, hamesha 8pm ko kaam kaise atta hai sale ka? " (How does work happen to come at 8pm ev