Learn from the Chinese Bamboo - MANAGERS

Please don't question me on why I haven't been posting for months now, you already know me well and for the new ones please refer my 1st blog.
I am sure you find the title to be a weirdo, but trust me their is a lot to learn from the so called Chinese Bamboo, especially for managers.Have you ever heard of how the Chinese Bamboo grows ?
I heard of it some days back, on a pleasant Sunday evening, my dad starts his lecture all of a sudden, nothing new to me though.Apparently this Chinese Bamboo takes 5years and 3months to grow 8 feet tall.
For 5years the growth is hardly 1inch but what it does is it lays a solid foundation below the ground like the London highways.In a span of ninety days (3months) the bamboo grows 8feet tall.
What we ideally do is when we see nothing growing for 1-2-3 years, we pull it out and throw it away and that's exactly what managers do when they see some people not performing for a while.

In today's scenario managers look at immediate results and don't even give a second thought for the ones who are not producing results as of today but might be a Gem in the future.
The ones who are not performing are learning from every mistake done and if you nurture them well they stay with you for a longer time as compared to the ones performing.

The performing ones tend to be over ambitious and might move on whenever they see a better opportunity.So as a manager you would alwys be in a fix about how long do we keep hold of the non-performers, but I feel till the time you trust the person and you see the required dedication and the urge to do well you should hold on.
I am sure some of you would disagree, share your thoughts around it and don't forget to justify. :)


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