Wake Up People & Govt !! High Time we Upgrade Ourself...

Just before I start off, after my last blog I got an email from my elder brother, would like to quote him here: 

"Well I always believe that u should do what u feel is right , no matter what anyone says. Live a life which you won’t regret in future . You want a registered one , go for it."

Respect brother !!!

Though I slyly replied saying: “I wouldn't mind a lavish one if you and dad are paying !!” :p  
In continuation to my last blog; (Trip To NI) I have spoken about people doing things to show off their status, but frankly I am not the biggest Saint either; have done multiple such things in the past and recently almost convinced my parents to buy a new CAR without any purpose!! :p

Things at the individual level are much more simplified and easy, but when I look at things happening at a society level it gets a tear to my eye and for a moment I feel ridiculed that I am a part of this environment + I am not saying or doing anything against it which indirectly means I support it.  

Throwing light on one scenario

Some years back in Rajasthan; Shyam and Reena both from 2 different castes happened to fall in love & decided to marry. Undoubtedly the parents were against it since they felt this would spoil their name in the society and made sure that they never met again. 

One fine day, they both decided to run away, which they did manage to but were caught in couple of weeks. After being caught till date no-one is aware where "Shyam" & "Reena" are and no-one is even bothered.     

I will leave it to you all to guess on what might have happened, but this is the sad state of our society.

Imagine for a family "Scraping off their own blood was a more convenient option as compared to an inter-caste marriage which they thought would have spoiled their name." (WHAT WOULD OTHERS THINK ?)

Such happenings are absolutely rubbish and unjustified. This is the apathy of a citizen and the reason is quite evident; its the uneducated society and more importantly the fragile government to be blamed who doesn't take any actions against such happenings. 

People, its high time we start understanding the value of "LIFE" and "BROADEN" our level of thinking which leads to such horrifying situations.

As far as the Govt is concerned don't warm your seats in Delhi/state assembly's and please, I humbly request you to concentrate on Consumer Welfare (Education, Law & Order) and note that proper usage of at-least half of what you currently deposit in your Swiss accounts will take the country way ahead !!


  1. though i admire ur 'feelings' towards the society and stuff, i am of the opinion that its a waste of time. Don't get me wrong, i am NOT a bad person as u know, nor am i ignorant or uneducated or naive or narrow minded, i am just a pessimist, by choice. I say by choice because in the last 5 years of my life, i have seen and experienced different types of people and their behavior, and therefore, i have lost all hope for us, the citizens of India. I do support and encourage people to 'stick it to the man' or 'speak up' etc, deep down, i always feel that its futile. So, and this is just me, but i think that embracing ignorance for the remaining 30-35 years [if i am lucky] of my life is the best way to stay happy.

    1. Terming it as "Waste of time" might not be right mate, though i understand what you are trying to convey !!

      Ignorance might not be the rite way always coz their is a limit to everything and that has been crossed long time back !! :)


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