LOVE: Selfless & Selfish - How is it different ??

Let me give it a halt to the controversial topic; don't want stones pelted on my house - not that I am scared but worried about my innocent parents. 

The word ‘parent’ happens to fill me up with a lot of mixed emotions, mainly dominated by "LOVE & AFFECTION". Parent - Child relation is so divine and made on the grounds of true love. But on giving a 2nd thought I would re-frame my sentence:  "Love from parents is selfless & a child's love is innocently built on selfishness"

Fortunately or Unfortunately I had a live experience from which I derived the above phrase and it happened when I was traveling from Vasai to Thane in a BEST [Local buses in Mumbai. (Writing Bombay is again offensive, don't know why?)]

I saw 2 family's sitting with their small kids of around the same age. (6-8years)

Family 1:

Bread earner of the family started listening to songs on his headphone and had just started enjoying the journey, when suddenly his son decides that he wants to listen to music.

The father without even a slight resentment gave away the headphones for the entire journey. (SELFLESS)
Son ended the conversation by saying:  Father I Love You!! (SELFISH)

Now when I glance on the other side of the bus, I see an Entrepreneur entering the bus and he straight away gets to business – (selling fresh & hot snacks) :p

The kid (family 2) asks for food and starts quarreling on being ignored by parents. Even after repetitive tries the kid fails to convince his parents & thus the kid ends the journey depressed and disheartened and feelings of innocent hatred towards his parents.

This is just a self-realization after what I saw while traveling and then things got related for everything I asked from my parents and got almost everything and IN-RETURN ?? Still trying to find an answer !! 

& there are some shameless brats who disown their parents once they are well settled or prefer sending them to Old Age homes which is even worse. Such type of people are a disgrace to humanity & frankly I am not sure what should be done to them!! 

& Kids not that I have anything against you but if you give it a thought yourself I am sure you would agree to it.

Keep me posted on your thoughts and stories people!!


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