Trip To North India relating it with What others think is more Important !!

Procrastinator that I am like always, but this time I can back it up with a strong reason: I was traveling North of India for my friends wedding; not that I couldn't post on Sunday like always but I just didn't want to !! :p

It has been too much about team work in the last couple of weeks, hope I have added at-least 0.001% to the knowledge of 500 people who landed on my blog; if not, you aren't welcome here; but let me know your blog sites. :p

Sharing a little bit from the wedding I attended, ideally I am not that type of a person who will travel miles for a wedding but happened to this time around and I don't even slightly regret it !!

I just experienced one of the most lavish weddings with music bursting my hear buds and delicacies choking my food pipe. The decoration was a scenic beauty and comparable to the night view of Taj Mahal & Effiel Tower put together.

& Russell Peter calls Indians thrifty, watch your words mate !!

Looking at all this I was amazed, but when I was traveling back standing in a train at 4am even when my seats were booked, I saw a small kid roaming around on the street parallel to the track and wondered:


I know all these things are easy to say and difficult to implement and they obivously would be coz everyone wants a lavish and a big wedding for themselves and want to prove their status in the society coz their is one thing that keeps hitting their mind: 

"What will others think about me if I don't have one ??"

Will share a personal experience, my brother's wedding: another lavish one and that too on a private beach !! Killer stuff....
Now every time I am at my native place, I see an untold expectations and some have even been upfront about it saying:

"Yours is surely going to be something bigger." (I just give them a smile, coz I am sure they won't like what I feel: "Registered Marriage" - though I am not sure my parents will let that happen.)

What I am trying to highlight here is we do most of things keeping in mind what others would think and not what you really want to do or say!! 

I am sure ample people agree with me here, those who don't you are good at lying to yourself !! :p

+ with me giving my relatives a smile, sets up a wrong expectation which is even worse and a wrong expectation is more dangerous may it be personal or a professional scenario !!

Will put more light on the above 2 points in my next blog !!


  1. Hell AV Unplugged....

    Bit confused about this blog...What your are trying to explain??? About your experience of North Side wedding...or about WHAT IF HALF OF THAT MONEY WAS PUT TO GOOD USE ?? or some thing else...


    1. Confused ?? Aahh thats some feedback for me...

      Just to clarify:
      The money spent on the lavish wedding, could have possibly been put to good use is what I am trying to convey !!

      Just to confuse you more:
      "& then I talk about how we do things, thinking what others would think if we don't do those things." :p

  2. Lolz...Good feedback...

  3. @ Avadhoot I must say that your blog was a two faced mask.

    1: you feel the pain of that little kid on the street. That makes you do something that will add value to that kid's life. (Noble Thought).

    2: your trying to hit back to the so called "society norm" to have a lavish wedding. with regards to the second point, there are couple of things which we would like to do it our way.

    But the reality is different. In reality marriage has become either a status symbol or an occasion to show your power and ability to spend. Yes I have also been to such weddings where money was just drained for 6 - 10hrs event but thats what people want from us. I hope you manage to talk it out wid ur parents (if they listen).

    However I have a suggestion. You could spend 1/4th of the total amount to be spend on ur wedding ( your cash or family cash) for helping out such kids by supporting NGO's that actually help. 1/4th on the actual wedding. (considering all rituals and emotional connect of ur and ur to be bride's family). 1/4th on post marriage trip for urself (as a couple)and family(if they wanna take a break). and the last quarter.... well that can be used for ur bachelor party and cocktail party before and after your marriage. Trust me there would be many who will agree with my calculation and suggestion.

  4. You have almost written another blog on my blog mate !! :p

    & + you have also planned my wedding quite well, thanks - please share your contact details would be helpful in the near future. :p

    Well on a serious note really appreciate your thoughts and as you have said quite agree to it !!


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