Team Work - Key To Sucess: Realized from a Live Experience.

Ohhhh finally I am posting this, it has been ages since I have been planning to write my own blog. Trust me I have a half written blog saved on my desktop which has a title “Financial Year 2012-13”, you can imagine the kind of procrastinator I am….

+ Its honor for me to start off with something related to my passion “FOOTBALL”, Americans call it “SOCCER” though….

Might not be the most interesting topic, coz people normally like to read stuff about “Economic Trends” or “What’s coming up for 2013” or say “Online Trends 2013 – 14” and some also go to the extent of fooling readers by titling “Top 5 ways to get twice the ROI” – Imagine “TWICE” the “ROI” from one blog that must be God writing stuff !!!

Last 2 days have been the most memorable ones with so much of thrill, excitement, effort and lot of Team Love…

Trust me I am referring to a team (Varsha Vandana FC) which had people contradicting each others skill set and with loads of cat fighting for a slot in the squad. But if I observe the last 2 days; the kind of love, co-ordination, support shown for each other and every part of it has just been fabulous.

We lost in Semi-finals (Amongst the TOP 4 teams out of 45participating), but I would like to mention a very true quote by one of my team members: “Remember whatever happens today, we all are already HEROS”- So true and has so much meaning to it. 

Believe me no one in the team had expected this to happen with so much trouble prior to the tournament. But when we played as “ONE TEAM” there was nothing which could stop us and the kind of emotions which were expressed and felt cannot be penned down in words.

Same thing when applied to the corporate world is so relevant and makes so much more sense. Let me quote Bill Gates here:
“We would need 10% of fewer employees if people start working as a team, aiming to attain a conjoint goal.”

It relates so correctly with my experience in the last couple of days, and it can do wonders for everyone if we manage to keep our “EGO’s” aside and work towards betterment.

Will cover more about this in my coming blogs, but would like to hear from you all; on your thoughts and experiences.


  1. Nice 1 Avadhoot.. Keep writing :).. All the very best..

    1. Thanks. For now would be blogging on a Weekly basis.

      You can subscribe through Email or Rss feed to my blogs.

  2. wonderful stuff to read ( comic, motivational & moral)

    Gud start .keep writing

  3. wow...i guess this was the review of those 2 special days... one of the best 2 days of my life...well written :) walyacha trailer tari dakhaw...:p

  4. Dude, you are one hell of a logical guy! You know very well that working is about not just doing the job faster; but better & smarter. Innovation is the key. I can learn from you. :)

    Good choice with the background and a very honest post. I liked it. I wanted to share 2 TED talks with you. Follow the link below and lemme know what you think man. :)


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