Gyaan For Team Leaders + Members !!!

Last time we ended our discussion on how “Team Work” can do wonders, let me start off today with a couple of quick examples: 

Scenario 1:
Ravindra was working in one of the leading multinationals and handled a team of 10 people. Ravindra happened to interact with his team members on a daily basis and ensured that he met them regularly individually and with the team. Also, happened to enquire about their family members and their wellbeing, Team members were had the liberty to discuss any issues on the open forum + could write to him freely. The team undoubtedly was very much inspired by Ravindra and looked up to him.

Scenario 2:
Steve on the other hand working for the same MNC had 6 people in his team. But he was disciplined guy with bias principles. No employee was allowed to enter his cabin without prior appointment + he used to criticize his team members and loved pulling their leg.  His team members preferred worked as individuals and preferred working from home to avoid Steve. Result of it was that they never achieved their targets + it added to the negativity in the team.

Ravindra hadn’t done anything exceptional but he had reassured his team that they can always fall back on him in-case of any concerns, whereas Steve never happened to conducting any team building activities.

Quite clearly what I am trying to state from the above scenarios is that a “Team Leader” and his “Attitude” plays a very crucial role for the smooth functioning for any team.

A cranky leader always screws up things for all the members and indirectly the team performance.

On a personal note I was quite worried when I was being interviewed by my manager and out of nervousness I ended up asking him around 5 to 6 questions. (For confirming he isn’t weird like most of them) Surprisingly ended up with an embarrassing situation wherein a question popped up stating “Who is applying for the Job?”  :p 

I have heard so many people cribbing about their “Bosses” stating that he takes away my credit, bias towards female members etc.

So people please switch your jobs if you are bogged down by your manager coz you are going to end up ruining your career but you can also look at throwing out such a BOSS. :p

Looking forward to hear from all of you on your experiences with your "SENIORS"


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