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Trip To North India relating it with What others think is more Important !!

Procrastinator that I am like always, but this time I can back it up with a strong reason: I was traveling North of India for my friends wedding; not that I couldn't post on Sunday like always but I just didn't want to !! :p

It has been too much about team work in the last couple of weeks, hope I have added at-least 0.001% to the knowledge of 500 people who landed on my blog; if not, you aren't welcome here; but let me know your blog sites. :p

Sharing a little bit from the wedding I attended, ideally I am not that type of a person who will travel miles for a wedding but happened to this time around and I don't even slightly regret it !!

I just experienced one of the most lavish weddings with music bursting my hear buds and delicacies choking my food pipe. The decoration was a scenic beauty and comparable to the night view of Taj Mahal & Effiel Towerput together.

& Russell Peter calls Indians thrifty, watch your words mate !!

Looking at all this I was amazed, but whe…

Gyaan For Team Leaders + Members !!!

Team Work - Key To Sucess: Realized from a Live Experience.